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Brauns Motorsports is the only worldwide source for rare Winfield Carburetors

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We Offer
      Restored Winfields for Sale
      Full Restoration Services
      Parts Manufacturing and More!

Ed Winfield was a racer and fabricator in the 1920's and 1930's. He designed a more tune-able and high performance carburetor for the cars of the day.  He made many different models for different types of engines and his innovative designs were used on 4 Bangers, Flatheads, and Indy cars for over 25 years. 


Today these rare pieces of automotive history are both difficult to find and work on.  Here at Brauns Motorsports we have decades of experience sourcing and rebuilding these carburetors and can help you find the right Winfield for your needs.

We Buy Winfields Too!

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