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Hot Rod and Muscle Car Restoration in Lomita California
  • What do you work on?
    We work on antiques, classics, hot rods, muscle cars, and custom builds. Generally speaking we do not work on imports. We do not work on motorcycles or boats.
  • Can I bring in my own parts?
    Generally speaking, no. Just like you don't bring your own burger into a restaurant and have them cook it, we ask that you do the same with our business.
  • Do you perform general maintenance, like oil changes?"
    Yes! We can service, maintain, and repair anything on your antique, classic, muscle car or hot rod.
  • What kind of Dyno do you have?
    We have a 2500 Horsepower Eddy Current Chassis Dyno. It is carefully calibrated to give you ACCURATE numbers for horsepower and torque at the rear wheel.
  • Can I bring my own car in for a dyno run?
    Yes. We perform dyno runs on most performance vehicles. Our experienced technicians can recalibrate and tune most EFI software for maximum performance and driveability. We do not assume the risk for car damage or engine failure that may occur while on the dyno.
  • How can I buy a Winfield?
    Give us a call! (310) 325-4303 We have every size and type in stock from updraft A to downdraft D. We also have the necessary linkages, gaskets, airhorns, butterflies, floats, and more.
  • Can you rebuild my Winfield?
    Yes! We rebuild Winfields for customers all over the world. We restore every size from A's to go on your Model A, to multiple synced Ds for Indy Car restorations. Give us a call! (310) 325-4303
  • Will you buy my winfield?
    We are always looking for Winfield components that are in good condition. Email us some photos of your winfield and we will be in touch.
  • Are you Hiring?
    Yes! Right now we are looking for an experienced auto technician to join our team full time. Visit our Careers page to learn more and submit your application or send your resume, references and a detailed description of your relevant work experience to
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